VIP Class Mercedes-Benz

Our 2020 custom built VIP Class (Mercedes V-Class) is the perfect executive travel vehicle.  


Complete with 5G wifi, Nespresso machine, Massage & Heated Seats, Finger Print recognition safe, Apple TV and more… You will get to where you are going relaxed and ready for whatever the day will throw at you.



VIP Class


VIP Class is not just a vehicle, it is a state of mind.  This vehicle was designed from the ground up to deliver our executive travellers with the ultimate in luxury and comfort during a commute.  

What do we do differently?

Working with high net-worth individuals, business owners and celebrities we set out to create a travel experience like no other that addresses some of the key areas that impact time and comfort through other modes of transport.
  • Choose to travel with privacy screen up or down, meaning partial or complete discretion between you and your chosen driver.  High end sound proofing means your driver will never hear your conversations.
  • Personal protection drivers; whether you are driving with highly valuable luxury items or just with family, we can assign you drivers trained to the highest levels of personal protection. 
  • Super-fast 5G Wifi will always keep you connected whilst on the move.  The fastest mobile broadband currently available.
  • Stay comfortable with Mercedes engineered massage/heating and multi-way adjustment seating.
  • Need to sharpen up just before your meeting? Make use of the inbuilt Nespresso machine and coffee pod drawer to get your edge back.